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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 30, 2009, 1:21 AM
Yes, I found this group While I was thinking how to find a lay-out artist, and a musician for my project. It is a well-known saying that internet gives an opportunity to meet and work with people around the world. It is not denied that it has a pretty crucial role in our lives, and it is getting higher. We are going to start 'Technology age' in 2012 then we will be surrounded with a huge net! There are advantages and disadvantages as well, and it is up to us!

As you know that when we get the idea of a film that we are planing, we mostly cannot find anybody to support us in the project. It is not easy that to finish an animation film individually, you know it is a team game! That's why I found this group, and you do not find it strange, cause people who are independent film-makers have always anxiety about building an animation project. This group will provide many people who want to work in animation film projects and contribute to each others. Everybody is most welcome for the contribution or watching what is going here (:

Here we go! film-makers-society.deviantart…


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